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My Snowflake


Students in Grade 1 & 2 created a document called ‘My Snowflake’. The ICT skills included:

  • Navigating Weblinks – Pictures and Paint, to open the online app ‘Snowflake Maker’
  • Using the app to create a 2D and a 3D snowflake, then using ‘still’
  • Learning to use the Windows app ‘Snipping Tool’ to capture a screen shot of their snowflake
  • Using ‘Save As’ to rename and sequentially number several created snowflakes
  • Storing their images in a designated folder in their home drive on the school network
  • Creating, naming, and saving a WordPad document called ‘My Snowflake’
  • Inserting one of the saved snowflake images from their ‘Pictures’ folder
  • Typing a heading and author above the inserted image, and a body of text below the image. (The text is unedited as the student focus was mainly on the ICT skills, some editing was done as part of the writing process. WordPad is used as it does not automatically correct spelling, and it is a required ICT skill that students recognise errors prior to the use of digital spell checkers such as in Microsoft Word.)
  • Formatting the heading with font, size, colour and centre align

These are samples of learning by Grade 1 students. Click on the link to open the PDF.

‘My Snowflake’ by Pepa.

‘My Snowflake’ by Oscar SOL.

My Snowflake’ by Olive L.

‘My Snowflake’ by Michael R.

‘My Snowflake’ by Michael L.

My Snowflake’ by Luella.

‘My Snowflake’ by Eliza H.

“My Snowflake’ by Bernard T.

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