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What went well for you today? Salma says ‘Typing my name’. Caitlan says ‘Typing cat or bat. Jordan says ‘Typing rock’

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My Snowflake


Students in Grade 1 & 2 created a document called ‘My Snowflake’. The ICT skills included: Navigating Weblinks – Pictures and Paint, to open the online app ‘Snowflake Maker’ Using the app to create a 2D and a 3D snowflake, then using ‘still’ Learning to use the Windows app ‘Snipping Tool’ to capture a screen shot […]

‘My Holiday’ by Foundation students.


The Foundation student have continued to learn to use the text tool in Microsoft Paint. The topic of ‘Holiday’ was used to enter an unedited sentence. This is used for teaching students how to improve the text for an audience.

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Grade 1/2 Research Project


Students in Grades 1 & 2 have spent several weeks experiencing skills for gathering information from the internet. Some of the concepts or processes students used included: that copying any image or text from the internet, and putting it into their own work without citing the source, is ‘cheating’ (breaking copyright) that images on the internet […]

Father’s Day 2015


Foundation students have been introduced to Microsoft Paint to explore this small, simple, yet powerful program. The ICT skills are using a mouse for navigating to open the program, recognising and using buttons in different groups on the Home tab, and using the file button to exit. This procedure is repeated to embed independence. The first concepts […]

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Year Two students have used the online applet of ‘Loupe’ to manipulate cyber safe images and understand that Facebook requires users to be 13 years old before having an account. An online set of both ‘Spongebob’ and ‘Lego’, were used to create shapes made up of a range of selected pictures.      You can […]

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Poetry Splatter


Students in Year One have used the online applet of Poetry Splatter as part of learning how to select and use a network printer to publish their fun poem. You can find this by following the path of <  – Literacy – RIF Reading Planet – Game Station – Poetry Splatter>  

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WordPad: Aninmal Story


Students in Year Two have been working on a piece of text using Microsoft WordPad. The computer skills included: using the right mouse button to open the pop-up menu and select the ‘Save Picture As’ option using the children’s search engine / directory ‘Kids National Geographic’, with a given search path, to locate a particular image renaming and […]

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PowerPoint: People Who Help Us


Year One students have begun learning about Microsoft PowerPoint. The presentation is based on the class topic of ‘People Who Help Us’. The computer skills involved included: following a given navigation path to open the program recognising and using the ‘File’ button to save and open the presentation in their home drive on the network using the ‘Home’ […]

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Toy Theatre: Polygon spirals


Following on from creating a polygon in Microsoft Paint, Prep students then went back to the online site ‘Toy Theatre’ and created polygon spirals. Experimenting with the use of buttons on sliders to change size and sides, these are some of the Prep student creations. ICT skills included following a given navigation path; recognising and […]

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