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Poetry Splatter


Students in Year One have used the online applet of Poetry Splatter as part of learning how to select and use a network printer to publish their fun poem.

Ahmad M: Poetry Splatter

Ahmad M: Poetry Splatter

You can find this by following the path of <  – Literacy – RIF Reading Planet – Game Station – Poetry Splatter>


PowerPoint: People Who Help Us


Year One students have begun learning about Microsoft PowerPoint. The presentation is based on the class topic of ‘People Who Help Us’. The computer skills involved included:

  • following a given navigation path to open the program

  • recognising and using the ‘File’ button to save and open the presentation in their home drive on the network

  • using the ‘Home’ tab and ‘New Slide’ to add ‘Title Only’ slides to the presentation

  • using the ‘Insert’ tab and ‘Clip Art’ to search for, select, position and resize two pieces of clip art on each slide

  • using the ‘Insert’ tab and ‘Text Box’ to type a sentence for each piece of clip art

  • turning on and off, clip art and text boxes

  • highlighting heading text, using the drop down arrow to open and select a fancy font

  • changing the size and colour of the heading

Please note: The computer skills were the focus of the task. Consequently editing may occur at a later date for spelling and punctuation.

People Who Help Us on PhotoPeach

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Students in Grade One have had both fun and frustration with the online applet ‘Befuddlr’. This can be found via the school homepage on ‘Weblinks – Pictures and Paint – Befuddlr’. Creative Commons images taken from Flikr are selected and ‘befuddled’ into a jigsaw and then put back together. At home this applet works fine, but at school we found that a technical hitch made this activity a challenging experience. When it did work it was fine, but when it didn’t, it showed that technology does not always function smoothly.

After choosing a category, an individual Creative Commons image is picked by students.

So it looks like this …

Navigation buttons on the right allow you to ‘Befuddle’ the chosen image.

Then it’s time to put it back together again!



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Weather in Melbourne

Today’s UV rating

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