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Grade 1/2 Research Project


Students in Grades 1 & 2 have spent several weeks experiencing skills for gathering information from the internet.

Some of the concepts or processes students used included:

  • that copying any image or text from the internet, and putting it into their own work without citing the source, is ‘cheating’ (breaking copyright)
  • that images on the internet have ‘licences’, and that it is okay to use images that have a Creative Commons licence
  • there are websites containing free images especially for use by students
  • all text and images must be completed in a document before any formatting (making it look pretty) is done

Students used an appropriate website, ‘Kid’s Click’ to search for information about an animal of their own choice, highlighting a few sentences to learn to use the right mouse menu to copy and paste the text into a Wordpad document.

The source was cited by highlighting the web address, using copy and paste to insert it into the document.

The project involved navigating ‘Photos for Class’, entering search terms, selecting an image, downloading, naming, and saving to a specific folder in their home drive. Then navigating their Home Drive to insert the image.

The final task was to centre, resize and change the font of the heading.

These are samples of student achievement.

Clementine: Leopard Seals Project

Clementine: Leopard Seals Project


Emma B: Ferrets Project

Emma B: Ferrets Project


Mohamed K: Cheetah Project

Mohamed K: Cheetah Project


Noah S: American Black Bear Project

Noah S: American Black Bear Project


Juliet: Pigs Project

Juliet: Pigs Project

Picture Book Maker


Grade 4 students explored the online applet ‘Picture Book Maker’ as an online publishing tool for imaginative writing. Students are able to add brief text and add images to illustrate the text within a given layout. It is located on ‘Weblinks – Pictures and Paint – Picture Book Maker. This is Konstantine’s first effort – well done!



Konstantine's Apes

Konstantine’s Picture Book Maker illustration


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