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Comments and Voice Mail

Guidelines for Writing Comments and using Voice Mail.


Writing Comments

If you would like to comment on any area of our blog, please find the post on the homepage, on which you want to comment.  Click on the ‘Comments’ under that particular post.  Then scroll down to the bottom of the comments that have already been written (if there are any), then…

1. Fill in your name (first name only please or if you are a parent, you could write your name and your child’s name in brackets afterwards (see the Blog Guidelines Page for further details).

2. Fill in an email address.  This will not be shown on the blog.

3. Website – you do not need to fill in anything in this box.

4. Write your comment.

5. Type the Anti-spam word

6. Click on submit.

All comments are moderated and are not published until approved.


Voice Mail

If you would like to leave a voice message, please be aware of the following.

Please keep your talk

  • positive and friendly

  • clear and concise

  • pertinent to the post

  • child appropriate

  • no profanity, sexual, racial,  etc.

Voice mail will be totally ignored if it is:

  • deemed unsuitable

  • inappropriate for students and staff

  • does not have legitimate Name or email address


How to write a comment

How can I write a great comment …….

Email will not be published

Website example

Your Comment:


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SpeakPipe: Please read the ”Comments and Voice Mail’ page before you send Voice mail.


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