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Microsoft: Polygons


The next tool that the Foundation students have been exploring in Microsoft Paint, is the Shape tool called the ‘Polygon’. This tool allows students to create irregular shapes that have more than four sides. It requires imagining the object, then mentally planning how to achieve the result, followed by clicking ahead to link lines in order to form the shape. It is not an easy task to do, but once the concept is grasped, students are able to draw elements in their picture that are recognisable by their intended audience. Our first attempt used a crown as the learning object.

Celia Polygon

Celia’s polygon crown.


Juliet Polygon

Juliet’s polygon crown


Li Ya Polygon

Li Ya’s polygon crown


RubyB polygon

Ruby B’s polygon crown


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Microsoft Word and Wordle


Year Three students have been introduced to the ‘Column’ button on the Home tab in Microsoft Word, to create a list of words related to their classroom Integrated Topic of Australia. They then used the pop up menu on the right mouse button, as an alternative method, to copy and paste this list of words into the online applet ‘Wordle’. Once the text had been uploaded, students manipulated the presentation of their Wordle by changing fonts, colours and layouts. This ICT task also included resizing windows to half screen, keeping two windows open side by side, and making improvements to an information product.

Amelia C Wordle

Amelia C: Australia Wordle


Browen Wordle

Browen S: Australia Wordle


Rupert Wordle

Rupert: Australia Wordle


Sylvie T Wordle

Sylvie T: Australia Wordle

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Microsoft Paint: Curves


The next tools the Foundation Students explored, included three more of the Shape tools: the Straight Line; the Curve Line, and two of the Triangles. These were combined with previously explored tools, and below are some of the results. The class based topics of ‘Toys’ and ‘Holidays’ were used as the context for the ICT task.


RubyB Curve

Ruby B: Curves Lines Triangles


AlishaH Curve

Alisha H: Curves Lines Triangles


CeliaP Curve

Celia P: Curves Lines Triangles


EvaC Curve

Eva C: Curves Lines Triangles


Imogen Curve

Imogen: Curves Lines Triangles


PiperR Curve

Piper R: Curves Lines Triangles



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Microsoft Paint: Shapes


The next concepts Foundation students explore in Micosoft Paint, include two of the Shape Tools (oval and rectangle), and the ‘Fill with Color’ button, to create abstract images.



Liam Circles

Liam’s ovals filled with color



Noah Rectangles

Noah’s rectangles filled with color



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Microsoft Paint: Brushes


Foundation students are introduced to Microsoft Paint to explore this small, simple, yet powerful program. The ICT skills include navigating to open the program, recognising and using buttons in different groups on the Home tab, and using the file button to exit. This procedure is repeated to embed independence. The first concepts practised are, the use of the pencil to pick a colour, and the nine brushes to create different effects.


Ada's Scooter

Ada’s scooter



Annie's vist to Tasmania

Annie’s visit to Tasmania



Naomi's backyard

Naomi’s backyard


Emma B's Love Care Bear

Emma B’s Love Care Bear



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Grade Prep (Foundation) have had lots of fun using the online applet to make spirals. ICT skills included navigation, recognising icons, and manipulating the mouse. Bubbly conversations and delighted sharing was accompanied by lots of ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’, as techniques for different patterns and colours were discovered. ‘Spirals’ can be found on ‘Weblinks – Fun Stuff – Toy Theatre – Art tab – Spirals’


Alisha Spiral

Alisha’s Spiral



Charley's spiral

Charley’s spiral



Isabella's Spiral

Isabella’s Spiral


Li Ya's spiral

Li Ya’s Spiral



Piper's Spiral

Piper’s Spiral



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Picture Book Maker


Grade 4 students explored the online applet ‘Picture Book Maker’ as an online publishing tool for imaginative writing. Students are able to add brief text and add images to illustrate the text within a given layout. It is located on ‘Weblinks – Pictures and Paint – Picture Book Maker. This is Konstantine’s first effort – well done!



Konstantine's Apes

Konstantine’s Picture Book Maker illustration

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Students in Grade One have had both fun and frustration with the online applet ‘Befuddlr’. This can be found via the school homepage on ‘Weblinks – Pictures and Paint – Befuddlr’. Creative Commons images taken from Flikr are selected and ‘befuddled’ into a jigsaw and then put back together. At home this applet works fine, but at school we found that a technical hitch made this activity a challenging experience. When it did work it was fine, but when it didn’t, it showed that technology does not always function smoothly.

After choosing a category, an individual Creative Commons image is picked by students.

So it looks like this …

Navigation buttons on the right allow you to ‘Befuddle’ the chosen image.

Then it’s time to put it back together again!



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Ray’s Letters and Numbers


Students in Grade Foundation (Prep), have been using the program ‘Ray’s Letters and Numbers’ to help learn the sound, look, and the placement of alphabet letters on the keyboard. The first task was identifying individual letters, in abc order and then in random sequence.

Identifying alphabet letters in sequence and then in random order.

The second task involved picking a colour, listening to the word, then clicking on each letter of the colour in order.

Identifying and locating letters on the screen and keyboard in correct sequence for specific colours.

The third task used everyday objects, and when the task was successful a ‘jigsaw puzzle’ was the reward.

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Build Your Wildself


Prep students have been using the online applet ‘Build Your Wildself’, as a fun way to learn how to hold and use the left mouse button. This involves understanding the need for pointing the cursor at an exact position on the screen before clicking the mouse; positioning the palm of the hand and fingers on the mouse; using ‘click-hold-drag’ to use a slider; recognising menu items to add elements to their picture, and using several buttons in order to complete the task. Students are increasing their confidence and successful achievement of the task.

‘Build Your Wildself’ can be found on Weblinks in ‘Fun Stuff’. All parents are encouraged to bookmark Weblinks, or add it to Favourites, or set it up as your child’s home page, for reinforcement of the learning in ICT.



Ruby B


Li Ya



Emma B



Ahmad A


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